SOTW #60

SOTW #60

Wow Songs of the Week hitting 60 (weeks) old. Here’s what I got for you.

Last words of a Shooting Star by Mitski

I should have listened to her earlier but I never Continue reading “SOTW #60”


SOTW #52

SOTW #52

Hello everyone!

I am officially on summer vacation! I finished the last assignment I had and I am free! Lately, I haven’t been listening to music as frequently but I have a few albums that I’m planning to listen to. Plus, the summer means free time so I have all the time to do things.

A Dancing Shell by Wild Nothing

I was walking around SOCO and I walked into a store and they were playing this song. I knew that I knew it but I couldn’t pinpoint it. I still use Shazam so I ended up figuring it out.

Drag by Day Wave

Go check out the album review I did for Day Wave here

Free Bird by Lynard Skynard


Give it a listen, give music a chance.


SOTW #49

SOTW #49

Hello everyone! Lately, I’ve been working on a lot of things for the vlog and preparing and brainstorming so many ideas! It makes me so excited to show and release it but I know I should probably space out these ideas and content. But back to the Songs Of The Week!

Lately, I’ve been listening to my Mom and Dad playlists. If you haven’t listened to them then go check out the posts right here and here.

But if I were to pick some songs to show you guys I would pick…

OKRA by Tyler The Creator

Ice Melts by Matt and Kim

I’ve been listening to a lot of them lately during my workouts and running. I’m still fangirling them since the time I went to their concert. They’re great to just jam to or work out to.

Dreams by The Cranberries

If I were to do a cover of a song I would love to do this one. This is a beautiful song about fall in love for the first time. I love it and it’s a classic.

That is pretty much what I have in store for you today! Like I said, I’ve been mostly listening to my two latest playlists. Go show it some love!

Give it a listen, give music a chance!


Part 2: The DAD playlist

Part 2: The DAD playlist

I made a playlist inspired by my Dad’s taste in music.

One day while studying for an exam a thought came to me. I was listening to music and I realized how much my music taste has evolved and grown. I had music tasted that ranged from my mom to my dad. The time I would spend with them I remember that music was always involved in the background.

I don’t think my had has ever played an instrument in his life. I also wonder how my Dad, who can’t hold a tune, can produce a child like me that has sung all her life. But I will say, my Dad LOVES music. I think music helped him in so many ways in his life. He is in the military, and I remember him telling me that he downloaded a ton of music into his iPod so he can listen to it on trips or on the ships he had to stay in. Sucky thing is, he never had the name of the artist on the song files so it took him months until he could find the name of the song he fell in love with at the time. I remember that whenever he would visit he would show me a new singer or band. That eventually became the soundtrack to our time that we got to spend together. He would get my computer and download every song he had on his hard drive to my music library. Sometimes we would play a song so much throughout the day we would call it our Song of the Week, which inspired my SOTW that I write on this blog!

Music is such a wonderful memory maker and influencer. Some of these songs make me feel very nostalgic and wish that I could hear it again for the first time. I tried my best to pick all the best songs and I only wanted to select a certain number of songs. Some of these songs were played for me as a baby, some in my teen years, and some in my adult years.

Thank You Dad For The Music!

(the picture is my Dad as a little boy)