SOTW #53

SOTW #53

Here are some songs I’ve been listening too!

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SOTW #52

SOTW #52

Hello everyone!

I am officially on summer vacation! I finished the last assignment I had and I am free! Lately, I haven’t been listening to music as frequently but I have a few albums that I’m planning to listen to. Plus, the summer means free time so I have all the time to do things.

A Dancing Shell by Wild Nothing

I was walking around SOCO and I walked into a store and they were playing this song. I knew that I knew it but I couldn’t pinpoint it. I still use Shazam so I ended up figuring it out.

Drag by Day Wave

Go check out the album review I did for Day Wave here

Free Bird by Lynard Skynard


Give it a listen, give music a chance.


SOTW #51

SOTW #51

It’s been a weird week. I forgot to post on Monday because I was busy throughout the whole day. Also, I’ve been sort of drained when it hit’s the end of the day. However, I still got some songs to show you.

This song has been trending everywhere and I love it. The meaning behind it is so important and the song production and overall placement is so genius. Hands down for Childish Gambino.

This is America by Childish Gambino

Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode

Metallic Taste by Show Me The Body

Tomorrow by Kali Uchis


Give it a listen,  give music change.


SOTW #50

SOTW #50

This is the last week of classes! The semester went by so fast! This past weekend I went to a concert at The Baracuda for Levitation Fest and saw The Garden. Opening for them was Tijuana Panthers who had a really great set and performance.

The venue was really cool, I got to be literally 2 feet away from the performers. I could have reached out my hand and touched their guitars. To prepare for seeing The Garden, I’ve been listening to their latest album and other favorite songs of mine from them. I know I’ve talked about them before, but I really like this band.


Call The Dogs Out

All Access

 No Destination


Give it a listen, give music chance.