Gratitude- Day 11 and 12

Gratitude- Day 11 and 12

Another double post! Enjoy!

Day 11

“I am grateful for the study times with RJ”

Sometimes getting out of the house is just what I need. It’s even better to have RJ to keep me company. Staying stuck in the house really does take a toll. So go outside, get some fresh air.

Day 12

” I am grateful for writing poetry”

I’m not the best poetry, but we all can’t be. I’m learning every day new ways to improve my writing. Sometimes I have really bad days or the first draft is terrible. Nothing is perfect the first time. Practice leads to improvement.


National Gratitude Month


National Gratitude Month

National Gratitude Month

I decided to challenge myself 30 days of Gratitude…

November is the month of Gratitude and many other holidays and events that are important in my life. I decided that I should probably start something new and fresh for the blog that is also good for my self-worth and growth. I’ve been feeling down a lot and filled with anxiety. I believe this stems from the overload of stress from college and reading and constant assignments left to right. I need to step back and reevaluate myself. I don’t like this stress, I want it to go away. I thought that by starting up a daily gratitude post for the month of November would be a great way to start. I have never done this before but I have kept a gratitude journal once, I never finished it.

November was the first day of Gratitude but I was not able to write things down. So for today, you get two doses of gratitude!

Gratitude November 1st:

“I am grateful for my boyfriend”

November 1st is his birthday! Happy Birthday!

He is one of my best friends and one of few people who really know me. He cares for me and makes me laugh. He reminds me to Continue reading “National Gratitude Month”