SOTW #35

This week was the start of school. I went through some crisis with classes, registration, and financial aid. However, I prevailed! I heard some devastating news about Dolores O’riordan. The main singer and iconic voice of the Cranberries has passed away.

So recently I’ve been reminiscing two of my most favorite songs from The Cranberries

The Cranberries – Forever Yellow Skies

The Cranberries – Dreams

I shocked me to hear this news. Her voice has always been one of my inspirations to sing. She was a fashion icon- a beautiful musician and soul. Her music brings so much nostalgia when I was little. I remember being in the car and my mother playing their songs on the radio. I remember getting my first iPod and my Dad putting songs by The Cranberries.

Give it a listen, give music a chance.



New Inspiration: Björk Releases New Single “Blissing Me”

Björk will be releasing a new album Utopia this November 24th. She has released two singles “The Gate” and “Blissing me”

Björk’s latest single released yesterday. Of course, I impulsively dropped what I was doing and clicked the youtube video. At the first ten words, she said I paused the video and threw my phone. She forever will be indescribably beautiful. The lyrics along with what I believe to a harp just filled my insides with this new kind of beauty that I have not yet been able to see and feel since probably her Vespertine album. Of course, I have seen her musical beauty in Biophilia and Vulnicura, however, this beauty that I am talking about is something so pure and innocent. Almost eclectic and emotional. It makes me think of love, relationship, beauty, sex, and passion. Which is pretty much the same feeling I would get when I would listen to Vespertine or the song “Stonemilker” from Vulnicura. The album Vespertine is personally one of my most favorite collective albums of Björk’s, and in this single, “Blissing Me”, I have gotten the taste again of her emotional diary

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 14.44.44

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30 Days of Poetry : Day #6

Day #6: Write a Metaphor about your favorite season


Chill on every cloud puff

And warmth settles in by the pound

But eventually will shed off a new start

like the gentle fall of leaves that bed the concrete

Like apricots, oranges, apples, and plums

Have fallen off the hot basket of green






lowest of my lowest

downgrading to the sand

of all the slowest

with a raised arm span


wallowing at the edge

careful of intuitions best

so I try to eat the wedge

that clips off my breast


blossom and bloom to strain

I take in myself and spew out kaleidoscope

And I show you no feign

But no more can I scope


No color of my name









SOTW #23

Can I just say that music is the best thing in the world. Besides peace and happiness, music is the closest thing to this. I hope everyone’s weekend has been good. I hope you got to rest and had time to relax. I got to go back home this weekend which was a wonderful little break from school. I really needed it. But back to the topic! The SOTW are:

You Might be Sleeping by Jakob Ogawa, and Clario

This is a new artist that has popped up in my music station a lot, these are the songs that I can remember so far.

Let It Pass by Jakob Ogawa

He has pretty calm Lo-Fi music which I’m sure anyone would like to listen to. I hope you give these a listen! See you next time!

Give it a listen, give music a Chance.


New Artist Inspiration: Charlotte Dos Santos

Like deep velvet and silk.

I came upon Charlotte Dos Santos while I was listening to the Winona Forever Station. The first song I heard from her was Clay, so I thought I should probability listen to other stuff from her. I checked her Spotify profile and discovered that she just released her stuff in 2017 int he album Cleo. She is a Norwegian Singer with a sound that takes you back to the past. It is almost a Nostalgic feel of the 70’s. She attending Burklee College of Music with a background of diverse music inspired from her home life.

Her album released in June 21, 2017 titled Cleo


These tracks have a slow vibes and deep bass lines. Her vocals are eclectic with relaxing smoothness. Her appearance and presentation of herself in her voice and visual  approach gives off very feminine vibes. If I were to compare her to an artists, she has slight similarity to Minnie Riperton with a cross between Little Dragon and Amy Whinehouse.

Her music is so enticing that I can visualize what I am hearing. Her name should not go unnoticed, her take on the production and creation of music gives a whole new sound of modern music. Music in general in our time is starting to bring back the “oldie” sounds which I enjoy very much. If you want to listen to something new listen to Charlotte Dos Santos. Her style gives off such a refreshing motive of beauty. She is such a beautiful and empowering female artist.

Give it a listen, give music a chance.