Can I have some on the side

and give me some honey.

Mix it with the vinegar

and the mustard seed.

Paste on your skin and

beam in the sunlight

We pretend we are the sun

and color ourselvesĀ with rays of gold.

Let’s get old and brown.



Playlist: šŸŒøSpringtimešŸŒø

Playlist: šŸŒøSpringtimešŸŒø

Hello! Tuesday began the first day of spring. To continue our seasonal playlists, I made a Springtime playlist. I would have posted it on Tuesday but I already hadĀ another post scheduled for that day. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a playlist but I’ve been working on a project involvingĀ playlists (which will come in time). In my opinion, most of the songs are prettyĀ chill. I collect these songs with no a particular thing or idea in mind, just the fact that I really like these songs :). New songs might be added in time or throughout the season. I really hope you enjoy the playlist, Spotify link is below!

spring time.jpg


Give it a listen, give music a chance!