New Artist Inspiration 

Of course the way I spend my morning is watching the latest YouTube videos. I was watching a video about 20 minutes ago from youtuber lindseyrem and it was about her latest summer playlist. Already from the first artist she mentioned- Puzzle aka an extension of The Garden– I was interested in what else she would mention. The next artist was Temporex 

I’ve been looking for a new artist with this type of music. It’s calming,simple, and relaxing. One way I could describe this sound is that it’s rounder, polished in a way. I really enjoyed the song Nice Boys from the album We Care. There is no effort to listen to and it is nice for some background sound and moments of lounging around.

This is a pretty nice find, and I can’t wait to lay back, write, read, and listen to it all summer.

Give it a listen, give music a chance.


New Artist Discovery

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One artists I have been some what obsessing over is Kali Uchis. First off, I think she is a beautiful woman with a very unique voice. She is a Colombian-American singer-songwriter. She sings and makes music in the style of should, indie-pop,R&B, and electronic. The first time I have heard of her was in Tyler the Creators song PERFECT, a song I have been obsessing over beacause of the beauty of the music video and vocals from the three performers. I really do appreciate her voice and the soulfulness of it, very different from a voice I heard of and I can not think of anyone else to compare it to. Its a surprise that I have found her, her beauty and voice is so empowering to me to feel beautiful to myself.


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New Artist: Cosmo Pyke and First Impression of “Just Cosmo” EP

A few days ago I slipped into a Youtube black hole as I watched Foxygen’s latest Music video for Follow the leader, I saw a music video titled Chronic Sunshine. It was late in the night, I was doing work that stressed me out way too much and I thought, why not watch it.

Thats when I was introduced to Cosmo Pyke. A 18 year old artist who creates jazzy, lo-fi, soulful hiphop music. His first single was released in 2016 and for this year he released his EP title Just Cosmo. My first impression with Chronic Sunshine blew me away. It was a very new and experimental sound that gave me a chill and relaxed vibe. As I listened also to it wonderful bass line leading into the charming vocals. Cosmo’s voice is charming itself- a deep relaxed vocal quality that reminds me a gentle version of King Krule.


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Noname is a new artist I was recommended to listen to. I love listening to female hip hop/rapper artists. She is a an American Poet and Hip Hop Artist and Telefone is her first mixed tape released in 2016. I remember that it was a about two weeks ago I was told about her and I forgot all about it. I’m glad I found it again and I can finally listened to a new album. I always having a craving and urge to listen to new music and make it a point to share it with other people. Music is a part of my life and it’s a personal goal or ‘habit’ to expand my knowledge of artists. Especially of artists that are talented and need to be heard. Hope you enjoy…