Why do I write about food?

Why do I write about food?

A short post where I ramble about writing…

I have come to the realization that I like to write about food. A lot.

Through my poetry, I almost always have something to say that involves food. It happens through a metaphor or a imagery that I come up from the start or serves as the centerpiece of my poetry.

There is something about food that I love. Doesn’t food make people happy? It can be rewarding, it can be uniting, it can complete, it can serve. Food can do a lot of things in our life. I know for a fact that when I get out of a class or it’s the end of the day, I am so grateful to finally be able to eat. It can either be with a friend or by myself, food is something that refreshes and fulfills an empty stomach.

I usually write about fruit. It’s easier to create a metaphor for the type of fruit I’m using. Since high school, I’ve always had an obsession with fruit. I would eat apples, strawberries, and bananas almost every day to maintain my sweet tooth. My best friend even decided to call me Babyfruit because of how much I would eat them.


Now that I think about it-I don’t have a full explanation why I use fruit or food in my poetry. It is one of the few things that has attached to my writing. I don’t give myself much credit because there is so much to improve on my writing.  Writing is a process and always needs revision. Revision is the hardest for me, besides starting a poem.

I’ve been trying to observe my writing patterns and my stress has been prohibiting my creativity and inspiration. I’m in a stump where I have no idea what to write about. I still have not written a short story!

But, writing takes time! I have much to learn.





Organize With Me: Desktop

Organize With Me: Desktop

Check out these step of how I colored my files and cleaned my desktop!

I wouldn’t consider myself a messy person, although sometimes times I do get pretty cluttered. One thing I would always do is have all my files and icons covering my desktop, and I don’t even want to tell you how bad the Finder was. Besides that, I decided to use my files and folders more efficiently.

1. Trash Crap.

Documents, pdf, images of your favorite artist you used to like need to go in the 🗑. It’s 2018, time to clean out those old high school essays and those from 2 semesters ago. However! Save essays from last semester, you never know when you have to write a thesis statement again, old writings can help with that.

entrepreneurship 101.png

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I just started an Instagram for holliesongbird.wordpress.com! I thought I should reach out to more people for my creative content and such! I hope that whoever is listening here and viewing my blog will check out Instagram and maybe give me a follow 😉 *wink wink.

@_hollie_songbird_blogScreen Shot 2018-01-22 at 2.07.43 PM.png

Let me know what you think about it and please spread the love! 🙂


A Late Resolutions List

A Late Resolutions List

I know it’s the 20th of January but I was thinking about my New Years Resolutions. I believe that the best kind of resolutions is the ones you naturally do with no force, and without writing down. Sort of like internal goals you have always been wishing to do but never do it. For example, I was always scared to drive. I had panic attacks and anxiety thinking about driving and the fear of messing up. But one day I decided to just grab the keys and go drive around the neighboorhood. Then I decided to drive to my boyfriend’s house which is about 30-40 to go. And by realizing what I was doing I knew I would have to take him back home AND drive myself back within that day. And I felt good. I conquered my fear. Internally I knew that was one of my resolutions and I accomplished it with simple effort.

Now that got me thinking. I should have a resolutions list, just to keep track and remind myself of the lifestyle I want for 2018. One of them would be running and healthy eating. Now, I walk a lot about few miles every day. But I wanted to push myself more. As soon as I got back to campus I started going to the free gym for my apartment. It just started happening and I have never felt better. I even got all my roommates to start coming with me and my boyfriend to the gym!

Change is good, especially if it is for the better of your life and others. I hope that you will sit down and realize that making a change, for whatever kind of reason, is worth the beautiful mindset you will have in the end.

These are my resolutions.